Regulation of Department of Medical Informatics for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees

  1. The regulation is established based on the MOE’s 5th regulation for foreign students studying in Taiwan and “TCU Regulation for Admission of International Students”. The purpose is to enhance international academic exchange and offer study opportunities of the department.
  2. Opportunities offered are mainly for undergraduates with less than 10% of the recruitment of the academic year. Exceptions exist only when special needs occur for conducting international academic cooperation and permitted by the MOE.
  3. Applicants need to apply to Office of International Affairs with required documentation.
  4. The selection procedure will be conducted by the selection committee of the department based on application documentation; result of any Chinese language proficiency text 40% and other relating documents 60%.
  5. Other situations excluded in the regulation should be conducted according to the MOE’s and TCU’s relating regulations.
  6. The above regulation is approved by the department, the college, Academic Affairs Committee and the president. The procedure is the same for revision.