The department was established in 2002. It is the first medical informatics department in Taiwan, R.O.C. Our mission is to promote the application of information technology to healthcare so that both the quality and efficiency of healthcare may be improved. Typical teaching and research areas include bioinformatics, medical information processing, healthcare information systems, technology for healthcare, and computer-aided diagnosis. We teach undergraduate students with preferences on either technology or medical science. The Master program was established since 2004, and the Ph.D. program starts since 2006 (a program in the institute of medical sciences). To enhance undergraduate students’ skills in specialized domains, the undergraduate program is split to two divisions since 2006: medical informatics technology and bioinformatics.


Research areas: 

  1. Hospital Information Systems: Hospital management information systems, electronic patient records, digital content & e-learning for healthcare;
  2. Healthcare System Technology: Telemedicine, medical data communication, homecare, portable bio-instrument & metrics;
  3. Computer-Aided Diagnosis: Biosignal processing, medical image processing, artificial intelligence.
  4. Modeling and Analysis in Computational Biology: Gene network, system biology, computational biology, biochip data processing;
  5. Information Processing in Bioinformatics: Biomedical data mining, parallel processing, medical text mining;